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Choose the best answer!
1.       Joni: I often see you in the library. …………………..
Rani: yes, I always read many interesting books there.
A.      Is your hobby reading?        
B.      What do you do there?
C.     What is your hobby?           
D.      can I go there with you?
E.      Do you like it?
      (time: 2,5 minutes)
2.       Rani: how do you usually spend your spare time?
Dewa: …………………
A.      I never have spare time          
B.      I like listening to the music
C.     I have no idea            
D.     It’s difficult for me
E.      That’s not your business
       (time: 2,5 minutes)
3.       Guest : Can I get a cup of hot coffee, salad, and fried chicken?
Waitress : Sure, Sir. Just a minute, please. ………………
Guest : Thank you.
A.      I hope you will enjoy the food           
B.      I like it
C.     You can go now                              
D.     You will be happy
E.      Nice to see you
        (time: 2,5 minutest)
4.       Shopkeeper : ……………….
Buyer : may I see all of your batik collection?
Shopkeeper : of course. You can choose which one you like.
A.      Can you help me, Sir?                     
B.      Are you busy, Sir?
C.     What can I do for you, Sir?              
D.     It is our collection.
E.      This is very good batik, Sir.
   (time:  2,5 minutes)
5.       Nina : …………..
Wati : No, it is not mine. I don’t have such kind of book.
A.      Do you have a book?          
B.      Is it your book?
C.     This is a new book              
D.     Do you like this book?
E.      Do you see my book?
    (time: 2,5 minutes)
6.       Sarah : Have you locked the door?
Maria : …………….. I was in hurry, so I forgot to do it.
A.      Yes, I do                 D. No, I don’t
B.      Yes, I have             E. No, I haven’t
C.     Yes, I am   
     (time: 2 minutes)
7.       Teacher : All of you studied last night, ……………?
Students : yes, we did, Mom.
Teacher : that’s good.
A.      Do you                   
B.      don’t you
C.     Did you                  
D.     didn’t you
E.      Are you
 (time: 2 minutes)
8.       Father : You will never make me disappointed, ……….?
Boyke : No, I won’t, Father. I’ll always  do the best.
A.      Will you                  
B.       won’t you
C.     Do you                   
D.     doesn’t he
E.      Don’t you
  (time: 2 minutes)

9.       Maria: huhh! I am really hungry.
Dina : I am too. Let’s have lunch soon, …..?
Maria : that’s good idea
A.      Are you                  
B.      am I
C.     Will you                  
D.     shall we
E.      Do we
(time: 2 minutes)

10.   Mother : This room is very dirty. You haven’t cleaned it up yet, ……?
Lina : I’m sorry, Mom. I got up late.
A.      Do you                   
B.       have you
C.     Haven’t you
D.      did you
E.      Didn’t you     
(time: 2 minutes)
11.   Doni : ……………… your address?
Joko : My address is Jl. Kenari no 30, Blitar.
A.      Where                    
B.      What
C.     How far                  
D.     How
E.      Which    
 (time: 2 minutes)
12.   Eka : ……………… were you absent yesterday?
Rina : I was sick.
A.      Why                       
B.      when
C.     Where                    
D.     how
E.      What     
(time: 2 minutes)
13.   Teacher : ………….don’t you practice your English?
Dian : I practice it almost every day.
A.      How                      
B.      Why
C.     When                     
D.     Where
E.      How often 
    (time: 2.5 minutes)
14.   Dita : We haven’t met for ages. …………….is everything going on you?
Eko : everything  is okay, thanks. You look so fresh today.
Dita: really? Thank you.
A.      How                      
B.      why
C.     When                     
D.     where
E.      Who
(time: 2.5 minutes)
15.   Rina : I wonder why you always bring so many cigarettes.
Eko : Because I like it very much.
Rina : ……… dangerous for us. Don’t you know that?
Eko : who cares.
Rina : How pity you are
A.      Smoke                   
B.       to smoke
C.     Smoking                
D.     being smoke
E.      Smoker
(time: 2,5 minutes)
16.   Nina : Why do you look so bored?
Siti : I have been waiting for my boyfriend’s ….. since three hours ago.
Nina : I see. Waiting is really boring.
A.      Coming                  
B.      come
C.     To come                
D.     came
E.      Come
(time: 2,5 minutes)
17.   Nanik : Where are Mom and father?
Ika : they are in the ……. room.
A.      Wait for                  
B.      waiting
C.     waits                     
D.     waited
E.      wait
(time: 2,5 minutes)
18.   Sinta : do you know who the woman standing in front of our classroom?
Joko : no, I don’t. may be ….. is a new teacher.
A.      She                       
B.      he
C.     Her                        
D.     they
E.      His
(time: 2,5 minutes)
19.   The teacher said that we have to do this test by ………………...
A.      Yourself                 
B.      ourselves
C.     Themselves           
D.     Alone
E.      Myself
(time: 2,5 minutes)
20.   The children look so enjoy ….. games.
A.      They                      
B.      them
C.     Their                      
D.     theirs
E.      His
(time: 2.5 minutes)

Error Recognition. Find the word or phrase that is incorrect!
21.   She always does everything by himself. She never asks her fiend to help her.
               A                                B                           C    D               E
(time: 2.5 minutes)
22.   To read is a good activity. It can improve our knowledge.
            A               B                     C        D        E  
     (time: 2.5 minutes)
23.   Andi : where are you last night?
         A     B
Dono: I was at home. I didn’t go anywhere.
         C                         D           E
(time: 2.5 minutes)
24.   Johan : I visited my grandparents every Sunday.
              A                   B
Beni : Where do they live?
         C         D        E
Johan : in Ponorogo
(time: 2.5 minutes)
25.   I am always come to school on time. I am never late.
    A                 B                     C              D             E
(time: 2.5 minutes)
26.   My little brother likes chocolate very much. She asked me to buy it for him last night.
                        A                                         B        C   D                        E
      (time: 2,5 minutes)
27.   He is a good teacher. He always explain the lesson clearly. He also teaches us patiently.
              A                                   B                         C                        D                E
(time: 2,5 minutes)
28.   Andi : When do you arrive here?
        A     B           C
Lina : at 7 pm last night. I came here with my mother.
                                       D      E
(time: 2.5 minutes)
29.   Joko: you look very pale. Do you sick?
             A            B      C
Eko : No, I am not. I am only exhausted.
              D                               E
(time: 2,5 minutes)
30.   Father: you can get good mark this semester, will you?
                     A                                            B

Nana : I hope so. I have tried to do the best by studying hard everyday.
                           C      D                                     E
(time: 2,5 minutes)

Reading comprehension. Answer the question based on the related text.
For no 31 -32
To     : Mr. Joko
From : Director
Subject       : Meeting
Date : February 5th, 2004
Please attend the meeting with Mr. Roni at the Hotel Pelangi on Saturday, February 7th 2004 at the 8 A.M. on behalf of the director. Looking forward to your report upon the completion of the meeting

31.   Who wrote the memo?
A.  Mr. Joko          
B.   Guest
C.  The secretary               
D.  Director
E.   Mr. Roni
(time: 2.5 minutes)
32.What is the purpose of the memo?
A.      To ask Mr. Roni to come to the hotel
B.     Asking Mr. Joko to come the meeting
C.     Telling the director to have a meeting
D.     Welcoming a guest of the Hotel Pelangi
E.      Giving information to Mr. roni
(time: 3 minutes)

Question 33-34
This is an express checkout lane
Cash only.
If you are purchasing more than 10 items
Or using a credit card, please go to another lane
33.      Where would you see this notice?
A.               At a store                     
B.               On a highway
C.              At a restaurant              
D.              At a market.
E.               At a train station
(time: 2.5 minutes)
34.      What can you do at the express checkout lane?
A.      Apply with a credit card                   
B.      Return items
C.     Pay with cash                                
D.     Asking for the seller’s service
E.      Pay with check
(time: 3 minutes)
35.      Who may use the express checkout lane?
A.   Customers buying more than 10 items           
B.   Exclusive customers
C.  Anyone who is in hurry                                 
D.  Customers buying 10 items or fewer
E.   Anyone who is paying with a credit card
(time: 3 minutes)
Question no 36 – 40
Canteen assistant wanted
We are looking for a reliable hard working person, preferably with cooking experience, to assist in the canteen of our modern expanding factory. Hours will be 8.30 am – 2 pm, Monday – Friday. We offer $6’000 p.a. plus commission $ 20 per week and good working condition. If you are that we’re looking for, please ring or write to:
Mr. Brad Pit
P & A Ltd
7th Santa Monica BLvd
Sacramento, Ca. Phone: 5667788
36.      A canteen assistant will get net salary about ……. per month.
A.                  $ 600               
B.                  $550
C.                  $ 680               
D.                 $ 500
E.                  $ 580
(time: 3 minutes)
37.      From the advertising we know that ……….
A.                  No experience is okay to apply                          
B.                  only cook is required
C.                  Only experienced applicant in cooking is required.
D.                  only woman may apply
E.                  Only Diploma graduate should apply       
(time: 3 minutes)
38.      According to the text, ………
A.      You must come to the factory for applying   
B.      You must mail your application
C.      You have to hand over your application                   
D.     You must fax your application
E.      You can make an appointment for interview by phone
(time: 3 minutes)
39.      We can conclude that …………………..
A.         You will have no break if you work there     
B.         you can apply as a waitress there
C.         You can have any courses in the morning   
D.         you can still play every afternoon with your friends
E.         Saturday and Sunday will be hard days for working
(time: 3 minutes)
40.   The word to assist in the text has the same meaning with ………………..
A.         To access            
B.          to help
C.         To serve               
D.        to pay
E.         To get
(time: 2,5 miutes)


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